Saturday, March 14, 2015

Don't dare to remain bare!

      This word seem to be very negative sounding or full of unhappy emotions. If you would imagine a place like this, then maybe it’s an empty room with a single bed and only you inside. That could be, right? And it is exactly where I have come from. 
      It is a word which is synonymous to empty. I am in a very comfortable room; where almost everything that I need is there. A cup of coffee, a liter of cooking oil, a soft pillow, a beautiful table, and an all material thing-filled life. I am happy and content at that time. It seems like I don’t need to think about anything, and that I already have everything. Well, that is good. But when I met Grace, she made me realized that this isn’t all that I need. I don’t need a comfortable life, I need a meaningful life. She emptied me as she literally took “my place” and pushed me to a new house leaving all the things I generated behind. It was too distressing. It’s not even me at all. It took my privacy, it took my happiness. It almost took my life! I thought I would never want it; my mind is playing around and could not really decide. But Grace slap me of my face and told me everything of it was just my pride. Grace presented a new meaning of bare to me, and that is unblemished. She cleared a part of my life living on the comforts and illusions of my past. She stripped off something in me that thinks I could not stay long in this new life. Grace woke me up seeing the sun shine so bright, feeling the cold breeze in my face, and hearing the rooster to crow. And one morning she even prepared a hot chocolate and a sweet pudding on the table and this time not only me eating, but others beside. My waking up is more meaningful this season. I’ve got to clean my room, to wash my clothes, to market my food alone, to jog around and to see what’s more to life. It gave me a fresher breath.  My new life is no longer bare as it depicts having nothing and lonesome, it has just become unblemished this time. Because I am living a life that doesn’t please me alone, but also pleases Grace. Grace emptied me so I can be filled again, and this time it’s not just a material-thing life, but a Grace-filled life. And I am so thrilled to see what lies beyond the clean, clear white walls of my new room. Thanks for coming into my life even when I do not ask, thanks for your everyday availability, Grace.

I have come to the point in my life when it is really me and Jesus alone. Meaningful.

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