Saturday, March 14, 2015

Don't dare to remain bare!

      This word seem to be very negative sounding or full of unhappy emotions. If you would imagine a place like this, then maybe it’s an empty room with a single bed and only you inside. That could be, right? And it is exactly where I have come from. 
      It is a word which is synonymous to empty. I am in a very comfortable room; where almost everything that I need is there. A cup of coffee, a liter of cooking oil, a soft pillow, a beautiful table, and an all material thing-filled life. I am happy and content at that time. It seems like I don’t need to think about anything, and that I already have everything. Well, that is good. But when I met Grace, she made me realized that this isn’t all that I need. I don’t need a comfortable life, I need a meaningful life. She emptied me as she literally took “my place” and pushed me to a new house leaving all the things I generated behind. It was too distressing. It’s not even me at all. It took my privacy, it took my happiness. It almost took my life! I thought I would never want it; my mind is playing around and could not really decide. But Grace slap me of my face and told me everything of it was just my pride. Grace presented a new meaning of bare to me, and that is unblemished. She cleared a part of my life living on the comforts and illusions of my past. She stripped off something in me that thinks I could not stay long in this new life. Grace woke me up seeing the sun shine so bright, feeling the cold breeze in my face, and hearing the rooster to crow. And one morning she even prepared a hot chocolate and a sweet pudding on the table and this time not only me eating, but others beside. My waking up is more meaningful this season. I’ve got to clean my room, to wash my clothes, to market my food alone, to jog around and to see what’s more to life. It gave me a fresher breath.  My new life is no longer bare as it depicts having nothing and lonesome, it has just become unblemished this time. Because I am living a life that doesn’t please me alone, but also pleases Grace. Grace emptied me so I can be filled again, and this time it’s not just a material-thing life, but a Grace-filled life. And I am so thrilled to see what lies beyond the clean, clear white walls of my new room. Thanks for coming into my life even when I do not ask, thanks for your everyday availability, Grace.

I have come to the point in my life when it is really me and Jesus alone. Meaningful.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Who is Grace and why walk with Her?

Grace is my friend, and she is an amazing friend. 
Her coming into my life is something I would not trade
 from anybody else and to anybody else.
 Grace is someone I cannot live without.
Grace taught me a lot of things, to wash and iron my clothes,
 to comb my hair, to brush my teeth. 
She also taught me of wearing make-up and heels if needed, 
and just to be simple in my every day walk. 
Grace gave me that feeling to be beautiful, and to remain beautiful, 
to be someone who is confident of herself, whatever she wears, 
whoever she is with, and wherever she goes. 
Grace supported me in my physical walk in life.
But more than that, Grace is also interested with my heart. 
She allowed me to open my heart and search the broken pieces of it.
 She literally took off layers of layers of negativity in me. 
She constantly reminded me not only to be beautiful from the outside, 
but also in the inside. She looked at me beyond my miserable life.
 She asked me to release everything that is not good 
and acceptable in me, all my wrongs and my dark secrets. 
Only Grace able to know how am I before, my troubles, 
the pains I came across with, my excuses and my bloody sins.
 But despite of that all, Grace accepted me without hesitation. 
She kept me as her friend, and she treated me more than a real sister. 
She had me at my worst, but loved me best.
 She keeps no record of my wrongs; 
she is so kind and patient in me.
Sometimes even if I go back to my wrong doings, 
she still accepts me; she does not give up on me.
 She encourages me to rise and walk again with her. 
Grace is so understanding, so kind, so loving, 
so merciful, forgiving, accepting and she is so amazing.
 She is Jesus for me and Jesus in me. 
Without her I would not be able to live my life today. 
She is my constant companion, 
my friend, my sister, my peace maker, my adviser, 
my mother, my Savior, my Jesus Christ.
 And every day of my life, I would not just walk with the beauty Grace taught me, 
but also walk with the cleansing and forgiveness Grace gave me.
In my life, it is not me walking alone, 
but I am walking with Grace. 
And so this blog is named.
 To all my readers I hope you’ll find Grace here too.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I’m a Researcher, and I need Technology!

My boss will tell me you need to do a research on improving the efficiency of reproduction in water buffaloes, and what I am going to do is immediately sit on my desk, click google chrome and research. I will look for related topics, read, learn, and finally come up with my mind on what to do. That is information technology in my work, a search engine, a source of new learning.

Aside from that, technology also is a way of communication for us. This enables us to publish our works in the journals and newspapers and even on websites in the internet so as we can communicate our researches and findings to other people as well. Technology allows us to share what we know, and to learn from other scientists as well. We can communicate to the public the new trends, best practices, and other findings discovered. With the help of technology, our clientele which is the farmers, and even the students, local government units and administrators, and fellow researchers enables us to interact with one another. They could send us their questions and we could immediately reply or address on their needs. That is technology, communication technology in my work.

And above all else, there is this different kind of technology that we cannot live without, that is the equipment technology. Most of our researches require the use of equipment, and without those we cannot make any, and we cannot finish them easily. Every day we came across with microscopes, incubators, ovens, manipulators and everything that is being run by electricity. These stuffs allows us to develop new scientific inputs that will help us improve the water buffalo well being.

Overall, it is imperative for me as a researcher to have technology in my work, as it does not eases my activities, but also helps me deliver my tasks well. With technology, we can improve the general well being of water buffaloes, we can assist in the increase their population, we can improve their milk yield and we can help the lives of our buffalo farmers. With technology in my work, we can help intensify the livestock industry and so contribute to the overall economy of the country. So I may say technology is a kind support to me, to my work, and to the buffalo research and industry.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beyond Excellence

       We are always taught to do our best, and to be our best. Give your best shot, show your best smile, wear your best dress, or be the best in class. I have nothing against that, actually, I am one of those who really strive to be the best. I know you are, and you also did.
      According to the Dictionary, excel means to be exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity or subject.  But excel for me is just my name. Every person I came across with and ask for my name would question why it has been given to me. Others would say, it’s unique, some would ask if I am good at computer and the likes. I would only answer with a smile. As I grew up, I realized that it was actually hard to live by my name, but at the same time, it’s good to have it. I could say I owe a part of my life from my name, if it wasn’t excel, then maybe I am not forced to excel. I do not brag that I am excellent, what I only mean is that I tried to do my best with whatever task given. After finishing college with honors, I thought that was it, being the best in class. I thought I have already proven my name, but I am actually wrong.
        There are more things in life than being an honor student. When you finished college and finally got a work, you thought you could just sit down at your desk and do the job given. But then again I was wrong. There were pressures at work, you are young, you are an honor student, and you can do more than that. Therefore, you still have to excel, with that; I can’t run away from my name.

        On the other side, you were expected to earn, at first, only for yourself. However, the economy rises, the demand rises and the responsibility also rises. Thus, you are expected to provide for your family as well.  Again, I have nothing against that. It is our responsibility, our duty, and our purpose in life, to excel not just in school and in work, but in family as well.

        Until one night, in my solitude I have realized that to make things easy in my part, I would not think of living by my name, but going beyond that. That could be a little harder if you would think. But for me, going beyond means, inspiring others, not just to be excellent, but to share what you know, do what others cannot, give a little more, and go an extra mile. Just as Jim Stovall once said, only a life lived for others is a life lived worthwhile. And so I say, life is not just to excel, but to inspire. It isn’t enough that we are good, but it is way better if we do well, not only for ourselves but for others as well. Let us not be the best just to impress, but to inspire others to be the best as well. Let us not compete with the world, rather, let us complete the world. There could have been a lot more that we can do, but to simply inspire others could be a one great way to.

       Every day is a wonderful opportunity not just to live, but to inspire others as well. That is why I am choosing to share this short video clip of my inspirations in life. I hope you’ll find it one! Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoy viewing!

ICT a Tool for Traceability

Food security and safety is imperative worldwide. There had been several factors contributing to the food hazards, just like biological agents concerning HIV, SARS, AI, Salmonella and other infections. In addition to that, factors like physical and chemical residues causes contamination on various stages of agricultural production, food processing, transporting and marketing. In line with this, governments would like to take some action measures and issue some regulations in order to ensure food safety and security (Cebeci, et al.).
Traceability is what we call the farm-to-fork setting. It refers to the recording of flow of products along the food chain from production to consumption with inclusion of all intermediate applications involved in processing/packaging stages (ISO, 2007). Traceability systems track fresh produce along the supply chain to identify sources of contamination, monitor cold chain logistics, and enhance quality assurance(Wall, 1994).
In developed countries like Europe, America, Thailand, Japan and Korea, the traceability process is becoming very efficient with the aid of information, communication and technology system. The proliferation of mobile devices advances in communications, and greater affordability of nanotechnology offer potential for small-scale producers to implement traceability systems and connect to global markets. Mobile phones, radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, wireless sensor networks, and global positioning systems (GPS) make it possible to monitor environmental and location-based variables, communicate them to databases for analysis, and comply with food safety and traceability standards(Module 12: Improving Food Safety and Traceability).
In addition to support systems for developing countries, mobile technology provides new opportunities for smallholders to connect with export markets. Mobile technologies have not only alleviated asymmetries in the flow of information from the market to smallholders (Muto & Yamano, 2009), but hold great potential for enabling the counter flow of information from small-scale producers to markets to meet traceability requirements. For example, farmers may use a mobile device to input information on the variety grown, planting and harvest dates, and use of farming inputs. Data captured by smallholders can be integrated with information systems and centralized databases to provide greater transparency to supply chain partners and consumers on the farming process, inputs, and output. The integration of wireless sensor networks, RFIDs, and mobile technology could yield sophisticated means to capture data during farming and minimize the need for manual data input through mobile devices(Onumah, Davis, Kleigh, & Proctor, 2007) .
The importance of ICT in traceability simply ensures that we have control over the food that we purchase and consume, thus food security and safety. Although there has still been no traceability program in the Philippines, it could be a great consideration in the government as it will not only allow us to ensure the safety and security of our food, but also increase the market value, thus global competitiveness.

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